Russian Pointe

Brava, Flexible Medium Shank

Regular price $ 108.00

You'll exclaim "Brava!" as soon as you slip your feet into this marvelous pointe shoe, and your audience will agree. Brava features a slightly tapered box with a medium crown a wide platform, and a streamlined heel. Dancers most likely to choose Brava have even-length to moderately tapered toes, an a noticeable differences in width from the metatarsal area to the heel ("diamond" foot). Brava features wide toe platform, medium crown, and pre-arched construction. 

Standard - U-Cut Vamp 2. If you would like a different option, please email us at for availability.

Due to materials shortages and delays associated with the war, items are subject to extended backorder. Your order of this item will be considered a preorder. If you need immediate delivery of any items, please email us at for availability.

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