Pointe Shoe Fitting Seminar Saturday, Oct 12
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Pointe Shoe Fitting Seminar Saturday, Oct 12

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Your pointe shoe fit can affect anything from your balance and strength to injuries and rehab. 

Josephine Lee, Founder of ThePointeShop, will give a seminar on how to detect a bad fit, how to fix it and how your pointe shoes can change a dancer!


Josephine Lee has been classically trained in ballet and grew up working in her mother's dance store (Dancer's Choice) renowned for its pointe shoe fittings.

After graduating from USC, she recognized a need for better access to proper pointe shoe fittings and started a traveling pointe shoe fitting company called The Pointe Shop. Pulling from both her dance and fitting experience, she developed a fitting method that analyzes the dancer's technique and skill level with a focus on health.

ThePointeShop services dancers and schools from all over the country including San Francisco Ballet School, Ballet West Academy, Colorado Ballet Academy, and many others and regularly featured in every dance media as the leading expert in pointe shoes. Since its beginning, The Pointe Shop has risen to become one of the top pointe shoe fitters in the country.