2007 Pro Flex

2007 Pro Flex

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Grishko's 2007 ProFlex is created on the 2007 last, with added features for silence and outstanding pliability. The unique shank design provides support behind the toes but extreme flexibility in the arch, and special glue gives the box extra elasticity. ProFlex is ideal for dancers who wish to build strength through use of a flexible shoe, find it challenging to reach full pointe, or require a quick break-in for performance. 2007 models fit a remarkable variety of feet, with an anatomical form designed to relieve pressure on the big toe joint, based on targeted studies of foot shape and pointework dynamics. 2007 ProFlex is lightweight and comfortable, with a somewhat tapered box and medium platform, supportive yet non-constrictive medium-height U-shaped vamp, and 3/4-length pliable shank. Shank: Flexible. Suede sole; cotton drawstring; ribbons not included.


Upper: Satin/Man-Made; Sole: Leather

  • Tapered Box
  • Long Vamp
  • Low Profile
  • 3/4 Shank
  • Flexible Shank
  • Medium Shank Strength
  • Medium Box Strength
  • Greek/Egyptian Foot Shape

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