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The Pointe Shop Promo Video

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Wanna know exactly what we do? Check out our video from a fitting in San Diego!

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"Ballet Buns"

Josephine Lee ballet ballet bun ballet inspired ballet inspired fashion ballet party ballet shoes dance dancers messy bun pointe the pointe shop updo

I know. You hate it when non-dancers throw up a messy updo and call it a "ballet bun." But I have to say, there are some super adorable ballet inspired hair-dos...You know. The kind that would definitely get you kicked out of ballet class. Like this one on Candace Swanepoel for instance. Tease-y, poof-y, messy...  That bow.  Huge sock buns. .   And apparently it's a wedding trend?   Hey, at the end of the day, nothing wrong with a little ballet-inspo for your hair, right? You may still not want to call it a "ballet bun," but let's just agree that...

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Saving Old Pointe Shoes

Josephine Lee ballet ballet shoes collection of pointe shoes dancers dedication old pointe shoes pointe shoes saving old pointe shoes

I came across this picture of a dancer's collection of old pointe shoes over 10 years. That's a pretty awesome visual of dedication and hard work. But I'm sure her room smells like death.  When it comes to old pointe shoes, do you toss or keep? Au Revoir xoxo Josephine

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