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To Fall in Love with a Dancer

Ballet dancer Fabrice Calmels Joffrey Ballet Male Ballet Dancers Tallest Professional Ballet Dancer

Fabrice Calmels.

At nearly 6’7, he holds the title of the tallest professional ballet dancer in the world.

To watch him among other dancers is almost a comical disparity of a giant among civilians. But apart from his towering stature, there is something else powerful about his presence.

Most men in ballet display softness in their movements. As they were most likely trained in classes focused on women. Ballet has been revered as a feminine art form and the men who are in it, simply adapt the culture.

When watching a ballet, the audience is enchanted by the ballerina. She captivates with her delicate movements, magnificent costumes, and beautiful strength. She floats and glides across the stage, and the audience falls in love with her. And the men are reduced down to a frame that holds her.

But Calmels offers the audience a different experience. He represents masculinity the ballet world is unfamiliar with. He is the epitome of power and strength. The symbol of masculinity. When you watch him dance, when you see him in character, you can’t help but fall in love with him.

Your attention is focused on the frame.

However, he still plays by the rules. As I watched him in class, I noticed he is quite aware of this presence. He steps back to let others shine. A true gentleman indeed.

True strength comes from putting others first even if you have the power to take it all. And he displays that character both on and off stage.

If there were more like him, perhaps the ballet world can change its reputation. Maybe more fathers will allow their sons to enroll in ballet. Maybe boys in ballet will stop being bullied.

Maybe the ballet world can change forever.

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Au Revoir xoxo

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