Dancer Spotlight - Robbie Downey

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The Pointe Shop caught up with one of our customers and owner of Ballet FreakRobbie Downey, for a quick Q&A session.

Get to know this beautiful girl. 

The Pointe Shop: What kind of pointe shoes do you wear?
Robbie Downey: I currently wear Suffolk Stellars, which I get from Dancers Choice!


TPS: How many years have you trained in dance?
RD: I have been dancing for about 11 years.  I started taking ballet seriously around 10 1/2.


TPS: Tell us about your favorite moment you had in dance.
RD: There have been so many!  A great moment for me was when I received my first pair of pointe shoes.  That was just such a big accomplishment and it was very exciting.  Also, playing the role of Clara in The Nutcracker was another favorite moment of mine.


TPS: What is your favorite ballet?
RD: It is so hard to just choose one! I really love Le Corsaire and Giselle.


TPS: Who is your favorite dancer?
RD: My favorite dancer would have to be Polina Semionova.  She really inspired me when I was 10 1/2 and I saw her in a music video.  She is such a beautiful dancer and I fell in love with her artistry.  I also really love Natalia Osipova because she just goes for it! Natalia also has great stage presence and she just makes it look so easy.


TPS: What is your favorite part about being a ballet dancer?
RD: My favorite part about being a ballet dancer would have to be the performing. Being able to express yourself and to just dance is such a great feeling.


TPS: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
RD: Working as a professional dancer and traveling with a company.  Also, teaching and working with young dancers.


TPS: What are you doing when you aren't dancing.
RD: I am working on school, hanging out with friends, playing the piano, taking pictures of my cats and eating.  I also am helping with my social media. Here are the links:
My three instagrams are @balletbabble, @its_robbie_, and @wesaymeow  
(@its_robbie_ Is more of my personal account and @wesaymeow is my cat pictures account)
My blog is
My twitter is @balletbabble
We sell Ballet Freak stuff at


TPS: What kind of advice would you give someone who is just starting ballet?
RD: If you really love it, you can do it.  You just have to keep working really hard.  You cant compare yourself to other dancers, because everyone is different and progresses at different, rates you just need to focus on yourself. Make sure your heart is always in it. 

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